Tournaments are an important part of all Play Rugby USA programs. Our dynamic and engaging tournament culture is focused on providing opportunities for growth as ‘switched on’ athletes and knowledgeable players, but also as young people exploring their strengths and comfort zones in regards to sports, competition and physicality. Each of our tournaments is focused on one of our organizational Values-In-Action and our culture of celebrating participant success, not just the typical MVP.

Our tournaments and enrichment events:

  • Deepen the appreciation of the participants for the game and the culture of rugby.
  • Provide participants with the continuous opportunities to experience the camaraderie of rugby.
  • Provide participants the venue to exercise social skills and values as a member of a team as opposed to individual participants.


Our tournaments provide a chance for youth in Play Rugby USA’s programs to compete with their team and showcase the skills, and more importantly, the values they’ve been mastering during the school year. They also have the unique opportunity to socialize with students who may come from vastly different neighborhoods and backgrounds, and find that they have something in common: a passion for rugby. It also allows teachers, parents and community supporters to experience the unique power of rugby to empower and inspire youth, primarily from underserved communities, to go forward and realize their true potential.


Enrichment activities also include field trips throughout the year. These serve to broaden the horizons of our participants and include:

College Visits

Our High School students regularly visit regional colleges and universities to explore the campuses and facilities, and to meet college rugby coaches and players. Many are also invited to attend high performance rugby camps and all-star teams.

Field Trips

Our teams take regular field trips to watch International and collegiate rugby matches in their local area.


All of our competitive teams travel regionally to face other competition in scrimmages and test matches.