tournaments-and-enculturationThrough participation in our 50 tournaments year round, participants learn of the camaraderie, trust, and communication that is essential on a rugby pitch. Our tournaments are designed to:

  • Deepen the appreciation of the participants for the game and the culture of rugby.
  • Provide participants with the continuous opportunities to experience the camaraderie of rugby.
  • Provide participants the venue to exercise social skills and values as a member of a team as opposed to individual participants.


The highlight of these efforts is our annual NYC Rugby Cup, a culminating tournament for all of our NYC programs. In 2012, This one day tournament featured 72 teams and 900+ players competing in three divisions(Elementary Co-Ed, Middle School Co-Ed and Middle School All-Girls). Accompanying this event is an enculturation piece where each team works within a theme to learn about the rugby world. Last year, the theme was Premiership Rugby. Each team adopted a different rugby club, researched them and their home city, and create a banner showcasing some of what they learned. On the day of the tournament , the schools get to wear jerseys styled after their chosen clubs.


The second half of our tournament and enculturation program components are numerous field trips throughout the year. These serve to broaden the horizons of our participants and include:

College Visits

Our Senior Academy regularly visits regional colleges and universities to explore the campuses and facilities, and to meet college rugby coaches and players.

Field Trips

Our teams take regular field trips to Philadelphia to watch International and collegiate rugby matches.


All of our competitive teams travel to face other competition in scrimmages and test matches.