program model

Play Rugby USA aspires to start youth on a path toward success by creating a safe environment which encourages team membership and team identity to promote skill building and help our students form positive habits at school, in their community and personal health. This path supports the development of a Go Forward attitude and instills skills for success in life. This path is formed through three core programming elements delivered by high quality Youth Development Mentors.

Intentional Programming

Each activity within the program contains meaning for the participant and is directly aligned with short-term outcomes, long-term outcomes, and impact. Each is an equally important facet of the work we do:

R4GmRugby4Good is the curriculum and basic program design used in our after school programming. It is designed with Sports-Based Youth Development outcomes in mind, and is the backbone of every program we run.

ADAcademic Development is delivered in partnership with the PEACE program. In select sites, we deliver academic support and programming in conjunction with more physical activity to ensure mental outcomes as well as physical ones.

TDTalent Development Academies are the most intensive programming we run, where we run the entire inclusive after school program in a given site. These programs incorporate the other three methodologies as well as other alternative sports to create a positive environment every day after school for our participants.

TETournaments and Enrichment are where the rubber meets the road in our program. Throughout the year, we run events nationwide that give our participants an opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned and represent their schools, families, and communities.

Vital Connections

The connection between our YDMs and participants is essential to the full experience of our program. These meaningful relationships amplify program outcomes and improve participant experiences.



Go Forward Culture

Our programs intend to create a culture that provides opportunities for all of our students to practice their skills and exhibit Play Rugby USA values:

Go Forward
Switch On
Play What You See
Get There
Try Makers Not Just Try Scorers