Our Mission:

To use the unique power of rugby to empower and inspire youth, primarily from underserved communities, to go forward and realize their true potential.


Our Vision:

A Better World Through Rugby


We operate in four main phases to achieve outcomes with the youth in our program:

Our program begins with our students choosing to join a positive group of individuals that are all invested in promoting a positive environment and are committed to becoming a member of a team. This environment is facilitated by a mentor that makes positive decisions to support the group.


2Our students begin to gain knowledge of the skills or teamwork and to put them into use to Go Forward. Participants also begin to experience the motivation and Empowerment that comes from the support from a team.


3Students begin to employ the skills of teamwork both inside and outside of the team environment.


4Students begin to learn about different techniques that promote positive and healthy habits. They begin to gain knowledge around building habits in health and nutrition, school success, and joining and contributing to a positive community.


The above four phases work together to form our Theory of Change, which is summarized in this graphic. By combining Rugby, Community, Health, and Success on a foundation of a Go Forward Culture, Intentional Programs, Vital Connections, and Choice & Community, we are able to build a positive environment for our beneficiaries to learn and grow.