2014 AIG NYC Rugby Cup Volunteers

Team PRUSA sets up for the 7th Annual AIG NYC Rugby Cup!

At Play Rugby USA we use “10 moments” as a way of communicating to other team members about the best things that happen in our job. An example would be if in the first training session at a new school a student hugs her team mate when they worked together to score a try – that’s a 10 moment for me!

We strive to work in the 8, 9, & 10 zone focusing on projects and ideas that will have the biggest impact. There are plenty of tasks that are not in this range that need to get done but we know by doing those it will help achieve our 10s!

Here are some “10 moments” from the Play Rugby USA team:

Dom: Play Rugby USA team work!

“Having been involved heavily in every NYC Rugby Cup since the start, the way the Play Rugby USA team worked together in the planning and then the execution of this year’s Cup was amazing. Everyone chipped in to get everything as perfect as we could make it for the parents, supporters, coaches, and players. It was the best Cup yet because of the way we pulled together!”

Losi: Winning through Nutrition

“My 10 moment was when the elementary school children were eager and determined to answer the nutrition survey questions very carefully. You could see they cared about and were intrigued in wanting to know more about nutrition because some of the children questioned some of the questions asked in the Play Rugby USA nutrition survey. Some students would wait to receive help from one of the volunteers or myself so they could answer the question honestly and correctly. Further, some students were enjoying themselves so much so that when quiz time was over they wanted more quiz questions. Overall the enthusiasm from all the students who took part showed that they valued their work and what the nutrition station entailed as you could see that they were enjoying themselves.”

Rys: Passion

“Having Senior Academy kids show up to volunteer and seeing the excitement on their faces to be around rugby and to help out with any little task, really showing a true passion and a selfless commitment to the game. That is often rare for someone their age to have to that level.”

Ski: Electric Boogaloo at the NYC Cup

“The time in between games where I could socialize and enjoy informal time with not only the kids I have coached, but athletes from other schools that I had met through various tournaments and those who I’d only met that day. A great moment was when myself, YDM Ben Slaughter, and various kids were having fun dancing on the main pitch without a care in the world with the sun on our faces and the New York skyline behind us.”

Now it’s your turn!

Share your favorite memory from the 2014 AIG NYC Rugby Cup or just from being involved in rugby, that was a 10 out of 10 for you.

Include as many details as possible and give this #10moment a name!

Share with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page or tweet at us: @play_rugby_usa

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #10moment and #NYCrugbycup !

A few NYC Rugby Cup referees enjoy a #10moment together.

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