The Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 – Inspiring Youth With Impact Beyond!

The Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 in the AT&T  Park will undoubtedly leave a rugby shaped mark in the USA. Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, Play Rugby USA, USA Rugby Academies and Playworks Northern California all announced at the USA Rugby National Development Summit an initiative called Impact Beyond!

Check out the video below!

Impact Beyond is comprised of a new “Let’s Play Rugby” curriculum developed by its partners, combining the fun of rugby with the ethics of the sport. The curriculum can be downloaded at The curriculum looks to educate in three areas; inclusion, cultural appreciation and the skills of rugby.

The program will also feature a collection of events:

  • the launch taking place in Denver, Colorado at the USA Rugby National Development Summit
  • Impact Beyond Regional Youth Tournaments in February and April
  • The Playworks Jamboree and Play Rugby USA Bay Area Cup

Impact Beyond strives to accomplish 4 goals:

  • Make Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 about more than just the matches
  • Leverage the tournament as means for growing an interest in youth rugby
  • Create and support youth initiatives that can be scaled and replicated in other US markets
  • Highlight the values of rugby to engage, inspire and empower youth

“Impact Beyond is an exciting partnership that will allow our program to continue achieving our vision, “A better world through rugby.”
– Play Rugby USA’s San Francisco Program Director, Anthony Lenos


“Impact Beyond has a unique opportunity to expand the tournament’s lasting effect, and exponentially build the game’s popularity. Not just in Northern California, but hopefully nationwide.”
-USA Rugby CEO, Dan Payne


“The Bay Area is a hotbed of growth in America and there is no better place to implement Impact Beyond. We are able to introduce the sport of rugby in a safe and fun manner to so many kids across the region. With the hard work of the Impact Beyond staff, I know this program will positively impact the lives of these players and provide them with a foundation of responsibility, encouragement and motivation.”
– Marti Blum, Executive Director of Rugby NorCal


“We look forward to the first Rugby World Cup Sevens on U.S. soil – and the ongoing partnerships that both model and teach the power that inclusion and play can have in strengthening our own bonds. Along with those of the generation growing up right now on playgrounds and pitches everywhere.”
– Paul Collins, Executive Director of Playworks Northern California


“We look forward to getting more youth involved in rugby locally. We hope this program inspires younger generations through its values and fosters future rugby enthusiasts and life-long friendships from those who participate in the program.”
-Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 General Manager, Rosie Spaulding

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