Social-Emotional Learning in Sports-Based Programs.


On September 21, Beat the Streets New York invited Play Rugby USA to join their 2nd Annual Coaches Seminar at Polly Prep in Brooklyn, NY.

Play Rugby USA’s Senior Program Director, Kip O’Rourke-Brown, facilitated a session covering program design with a focus on teaching Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skills alongside of sports skills. This was a great fit for the day, as both organizations understand how important SEL skills are to the success of young people and the value they contain in the marketplace after students finish their formal education pathways.

Play Rugby USA tapped into the expertise of the 45+ coaches in attendance to demonstrate the importance of designing programs toward SEL skills. The coaches broke up into groups and discussed key SEL Outcomes (listed below). They then mapped out activities that they could coach within their sessions to achieve these outcomes, while continuing to provide high quality wrestling instruction.

SEL Outcomes

· Contribution

· Self-Management

· Self-Confidence

· Social Connections

· Academic Self-Efficacy

· Social Capital

· Social Skills

· Goal Management

· Positive Identity

We know business leaders value SEL skills because they correlate directly to success in the workforce. So, it’s essential that we prioritize SEL skills for our young people, even in a sports-based program. At Play Rugby USA, SEL is a vital component of our curriculum, as we aim to arm our students with the skills needed for success both on and off the rugby pitch.





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