This year has seen tremendous growth both on and off the field. We have built on the successes of 2012-2013, expanding our network internally and externally by finding like-minded organizations and individuals to help us continue our mission of “Developing Youth Through Rugby”. These relationships have given us amazing opportunities throughout the year to deliver even more programming.

West Coast Programming

The program has grown even further in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with both their culminating Rugby Cups hitting record numbers! These programs continue to grow across the board adding schools and program partners every season. SF-Rugby-Cup

New York Programming

This year the AIG NYC Rugby Cup was a smashing success as we highlighted Collegiate Rugby and each team adopted a college to represent. We hope to continue to create a college-going culture amongst all of our players that will encourage them to visualize themselves succeeding at the next stages in their lives. We’ve already seen the fruits of this through the efforts of our tremendous Academy staff and PSAL coaches as this year we have sixteen Academy Graduates entering their freshmen years of college, an amazing four of which did so on athletic scholarships! LA-Rugby-Cup

Off the field

In January, we welcomed 20 all-stars to the team to form our First XV Board and Advisory Committee, brought on in January, and this group has already made a massive impact on our operations by hosting events, improving processes, and serving as a critical resource for our staff. This growth was supported by our awesome corporate partners. We have been extremely lucky to deepen our relationship with AIG and create new bonds with Bear Data Solutions and Canterbury North America. These organizations have all provided critical support to our programs in which we’ve already seen some amazing outcomes!

AIG Canterbury Bear-Data-Tall

Scrumwerks Society

This year the Scrumwerks Society grew to its largest amount ever. With the funds contributed by these donors, we were able to make significant impacts throughout our program. Scrumwerks funds provided the following in 2013-2014:

  • Over 20 scholarships to our Community Clubs to kids who either wanted to play more rugby or no longer had rugby offered at their schools
  • 2 equipment packs donated to schools
  • Covered some of the costs for 17 students to attend college rugby camps this summer
  • Helped to underwrite Junior Academy tour to Bermuda in June

Thank you to our Scrumwerks Supporters as we look to build on these tremendous success next year! If you would like to help support the program by becoming a member of the Scrumwerks Society, click here.

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