volunteerSFInterested in giving back to the sport you love or just a fun activity on the weekends? Come volunteer with us!

Without the amazing efforts of our volunteers we would not be able to give our participants the amazing experiences they receive in the Play Rugby USA program. We are constantly on the lookout for engaged volunteers to help at tournaments, scrimmages, fundraisers, and in the office.


Volunteer Roles


Referee rugby matches at our tournaments and scrimmage throughout the year. Events generally take place on Friday evenings or weekday mornings. All referees receive training on our rules, program philosophy, and youth development best practices.

Flag Rugby- Flag rugby matches are 10 minutes each and are played primarily by Elementary and Middle School teams. These events take place on weekend mornings at various sites in New York City.

Tackle Rugby- Our PSAL high school sevens league plays on Friday evenings in the Spring at Randall’s Island. Referees must be USA Rugby certified to participate. Matches include 7 minute halves and volunteers can expect to work 3-5 matches per evening.

Pitch Manager

Pitch Managers work closely with a Field Captain (PRUSA Staff member) at each of our tournaments. They are responsible for the smooth running of that particular pitch, making sure the next 2 teams and referee are ready to play.  After each match, card runners or the Field Captain will give you a score card.  You then need to bring this scorecard to the referee on your pitch.  You will then be responsible for getting the teams that just played to take off their flag belts and getting the next teams ready for their games. This helps to ensure the event runs on time.

First Aid

To ensure the safety of our participants, we make sure to have at least one trained medical individual on hand at all our events. We are always looking for  doctors, physical therapists, and EMTs to volunteer at events and provide that support.

Team Manager

Team Managers chaperone a team for the duration of an event, making sure they are at the right pitch at the right time ready to play. They also assist the coach with general duties and looking after the team.

Tournament Manager

Tournament Managers assist the Tournament Director (Play Rugby USA Staff) at the central management/scoring table for the event. They help to welcome, check in, and register teams before the event starts. Once play begins, they help the Tournament Director record scores and send the correct score cards out to the pitches, as well as answer general questions.

Volunteer YDM or Tutor

Volunteer YDMs and Tutors make a longer term commitment to the program, as they work directly at a site to deliver programming over the course of a 10 week season. These volunteers receive the full training and support of our regular staff. Programs typically run sometime between 3 and 6 pm either one or two days per week.

Office Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to help in the office with the administration and management of the program. This can include regular hours helping with technical aspects (Social Media, Accounting, etc.) or a one off time to help stuff envelopes, prepare for tournaments, or prepare equipment for programming.

The Mentor & Volunteer Selection Process

As a youth-serving organization, Play Rugby USA considers the safety and well being of the youth in our programs a top priority. We strive to put safety first with our programming and policies. Our organization prohibits bullying, discrimination, abuse, or other violence and we strive to proactively address reports of this type of conduct, even if it means that someone will be embarrassed or upset. We want to hear about problems or concerns and will strive to act on them in a fair, balanced way in accordance with our policies. Play Rugby USA has a commitment to recruiting and hiring the highest quality volunteers, YDMs, and staff. To achieve this, we require the following from prospective volunteers.

1. Please download, read and sign our Child Protection Policy. Please click here to download.

2. Written Application– Every mentor and volunteer wanting to work with youth athletes in our program is required to complete a written application that will set forth appropriate background information, require disclosure of any prior claims or allegations of sexual abuse or other inappropriate conduct, and provide the names of at least two individuals (not just family or friends) as references to the good character of the mentor or volunteer. This application must be completed each year, even if the mentor is returning from the previous year/season.

3. Personal Interview – A designated representative from Play Rugby will interview each prospective mentor/volunteer. This screening process will include specific questions regarding the existence of any prior claims of inappropriate behavior with respect to youth or youth athletes.

4. Reference Check – A designated representative will contact the mentor/ volunteer’s references to help verify previous volunteer and work experience and give insight into the mentor/ volunteer’s character.

5. Background Check – All potential mentors/ volunteers may be subject to a background check with the National Centre of Safety Initiatives. The background check will include appropriate inquiries regarding any previous record of sexual abuse or other unlawful activity by the potential mentor. For current mentors/volunteers, this background check will be updated at least every five (5) years.

6. Final Decision – All of the organization’s decisions regarding a mentor/volunteer’s participation shall be made on a non-discriminatory basis and without regard to race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and/or national origin. Play Rugby USA shall have the right to deny the participation of any individual, who refuses to fill out the volunteer application form completely, lies or knowingly misrepresents information on the application form, or violates the principles of these child protection policies. Play Rugby USA shall have the right to terminate any coach or volunteer who falsifies information or is found guilty of child abuse, neglect, or other crimes.

7. Training (For program volunteers only)– All mentors/ volunteers will be trained in child and mentor/ volunteer protection as well as Play Rugby curriculum as appropriate. Mentors/ volunteers shall be subject to ongoing evaluation. Additional training may be required to maintain in good standing with Play Rugby.

Once you have completed the written application, photo consent, and signed the child protection policy please send it to

Anthony Lenos or mail to 369 Pine Street, Suite 103 San Francisco, CA 94104 and our and our staff will be in touch.