Online Coach-Mentor Training

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  • Why is this online workshop different?

    How to coach in a positive way that can connect coaches and players to continually improve and aim for better. We look at what it means to lead, inspire and motivate players.

    This 12-hour course is divided into a free introductory 1 hour session followed by 8 x 90 minute sessions that provide training, ,orientation, and educational insight into the components of delivering an effective rugby based youth development program.

    The Play Rugby USA, Rugby4Good accreditation is a webinar/online hangout based group learning experience. Participants will actively be involved in LIVE sessions, working individually and together in groups to discover the best methods that will suit their program while using the 3-city (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco) proven Play Rugby USA model as a template.

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  • This course does not include:

    • “Magic” drills and games or the secret to being a great coach.
    • Set piece – no lineouts, scrums or restarts
    • How to analyze players and score or grade them based on technical skill and athleticism

    What this course will help with:

    • Apply the principles of the sport to help you guide the players to better understand the game.
    • Help you plan fun yet challenging sessions.
    • Motivate and empower players of any age to want to do better for the team and themselves.

Overview & introduction

·         Over view of course and mission

·         Why be a rugby for good coach mentor?

–        Participants share why they want to be a RFG coach mentor and what they hope to achieve

·         Prerequisites before beginning (RR, Rugby ready, concussion training)

·         What a rugby for good coach is and what it is not

·         Successes

–        Learn the past success of the organization through the reporting (and future collection) of m & e, as well as through anecdotal evidence and video.

Course Content

Unit 1: The culture & values of rugby

Unit 2: Positivity, energy givers and the values of rugby

Unit 3:  Fostering vital connections (might divide this into 2 sessions)

Unit 4: Coach-mentors

Unit 5: Coaching principles

Unit 6: Empowering players and creating a positive culture:

Unit 7: Competition and motivation

Wrap up, review & evaluation.

·         Quiz: The Rugby for good difference

·         Your next steps

·         Workshop evaluation

For registration or more information, please contact
Dominic Wareing Director of Coach Development
Mark Griffin President and Founder