Made possible by a state grant, the Junior Sports Leadership Academies at the Emily Dickinson School and the Alain L. Locke Magnet School of Environmental Stewardship provide a center of excellence for sports and arts education and youth development in Harlem. We offer athletic, health-based, musical and artistic after school activities that broaden the horizons of our students and help them create success at school.

Program Mission: Our mission is to develop character, conditioning, community, and academic commitment in our students. We achieve this through developing their artistic and athletic skills while keeping them engaged in school and academic activities. By building students’ confidence and self-esteem while providing them with real-life skills that align with their interests, we hope they will grow as artists, athletes, students and people.


JSLA Schedule

1- Team Time

Serves as a moment during the beginning and end of the day’s activities and serves an opportunity for rugger feedback on their program experience and to check for understanding of the weekly theme and outcomes from the day’s activities.

2- Community Circle

Occurs at the outset and conclusion of the day’s activities and serves as a time to make daily announcements, discuss the weekly theme, and recognize rugger behavior that exhibits the SLA culture of achievement.

3- Rugby4Good

The Rugby4Good curriculum delivered in the SLA is foundational to all other aspects of the SLA.  It provides the structure for the Go Forward approach to be infused seamlessly.  Ruggers acquire physical skills and knowledge of the laws of rugby, which promote the development of non-cognitive skills.

4- Nu School an P.E.A.C.E. Program

This curriculum and program is based on student-centered activities from contemporary youth, sport, art, and hip-hop culture infused with Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).  This contemporary lens is intended to spark an engagement and enthusiasm by the ruggers to see the academic skills and concepts in a different context to promote understanding and retention.

5- Fun, Fitness, and Food

Fun, Fitness & Food teaches active lifestyle habits promoting a Go Forward mentality of infusing fun with fitness.  The ruggers also begin to learn the basis of eating healthy and staying active.

6- Homework Help

To demonstrate the academic commitment we expect from our ruggers we allot time on a weekly basis for ruggers to work on their academic homework. YDMs assist with their homework to ensure it’s accurate.  The SLA team are in communication with teachers to make sure they are keeping up with all of their homework.

7- Street20 Cricket

This cricket curriculum utilizes the same game-sense approach that rugby-for-good delivers to engage SLA ruggers.  It promotes skill acquisition to demonstrate in Street20 cricket competitions.  It promotes the Go Forward mentality with many opportunities to experience success and learn from mistakes in a fun, engaging, and positive activity.

8- FLY Yoga Arts

FLY Yoga Arts is an educational program focused on bringing to balance every students’ physical, emotional, and cognitive ability. They deliver a developmentally appropriate series of activities to teach ruggers basic yoga movements and mindfulness exercises.