The Youth is Rising in New York

This Is American Rugby / Press Release
July 2014
Rugby in NYC is growing and there are a number of contributing factors, organizations and people paving the way.  There have been a number of athletes off to college rugby through the likes of Play Rugby USA Senior Academy and New York Rugby Club U19 programs.

Need Scholarship? Join Scrum

The New York Times / John Otis
May 2014
Last year, Brianna Danner, 17, had never even held a rugby ball. Fourteen months later, she is weighing scholarship offers from two colleges with premier rugby teams.

Teaching Youth Rugby: Instructional strategies and models that work

Eward B. Olsen, Courtney Caram and Mark Griffin
July/August 2011
In an effort to lower the age at which students are introduced to the game of rugby, as well as increase participation in the game and activity in students, the game of “Rookie Rugby” was created for physical education classes. What is Rookie Rugby and why is it so much fun?

Play Rugby new program update

Bruce McLane
September 3, 2008
Many people say that the key to successful growth in the USA is to get children playing thegame at an early age, what steps is Play Rugby USA taking to make that happen?

University of Glamorgan helps Harlem girls tackle rugby

August 14, 2010
A student rugby union coach has described how teenage girls in the New York neighbourhood of Harlem were won over to the game…

British Consulate supports Play Rugby USA

July 11, 2011
On 11 June, New York area teams competed for the NYC rugby cup on Randall’s Island, New York.

The Bronx honors the sport of Rugby.

By Fausto Giovanny Pinto
Friday, May 27, 2011
In the concrete courtyard of PS/MS 279 in Morris Heights on a schoolday afternoon, coach Mike Rosario screamed at the Bronx’s most successful youth rugby team. “You already know!” he yelled. “Yes! Yes!” a varying range of pubescent middle school boys and girls yelled back, as two teams of five lined up for a drill.

A life after the Saints!

By Dom Wareing
After two-and-a-half seasons as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at the Saints. I made the different decision to leave a dream job in professional rugby. After the 2007 National League one pre-season I decided to take up a completely different role and follow another dream: making a difference to undeserved youth in some of the poorest and  most dangerous inner city areas in one of the worlds greatest cities – New York City.

Profile of the Week: Mark Griffin – CEO, Play Rugby USA

Edward Rangsi
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Mark Griffin is a pioneer in the field of sports-themed youth development. He founded Play Rugby USA in June 2003 as a wellness and prevention resource for America’s urban youth with a philosophy of “developing youth through rugby.”

Kids, The future of American Rugby

By Mike Malone
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Burgeoning youth groups like Play Rugby and the NJ-based American Flag Rugby (read more) are introducing the sport to thousands of young athletes and have become the breeding ground for the next generation of ruggers…

Making a pretty big pitch

By Ebenezer Samuel
December 15, 2009
BRIANNA PAULINO was on the verge of tears. Just moments earlier, the 10-year-old had been beaming after leading her team to the Play Rugby exhibition flag tournament title at the Henry Street Settlement’s Boys & Girls Republic in Manhattan…

Pioneering spirit keeps American dream alive amid the reality of minority status

By Brendan Fanning
Sunday June 12, 2011
Soon after they arrived at their base in Surrey, Eddie O’Sullivan had a decision to make. The (English) RFU, as host union for the Churchill Cup, were picking up the tab for their lodgings…

Rough and Tumble

American Way / David J. Dent

For some students, Rugby is more then just a game!

PSAL rugby season opens on Randalls Island, defending boys champion Canarsie sweeps opening round

Christopher Lawlor
Monday, May 2, 2011
It was fitting the weather was straight out of the East Midlands, the English countryside birthplace of rugby…

Rugby Finds an Unlikely Home

The Wall Street Journal / Joshua Robinson
June 7, 2012
Usually Played by Burly Men Outside the U.S., the Sport Is Thriving at a Middle School in the Bronx…


Ed Hagerty checks in with Play Rugby USA’s Mark Griffin for the company’s latest improvements…

American Rugby targets grass roots

Dominic Wareing, Coach Development Director at Play Rugby USA gives the inside update of how rugby is progressing from the base in an highly saturated sporting nation…

64 Teams Compete in NYC Rugby Cup

June 15, 2011
Jersey City PAL representing Australia and Washington Irving Elementary School representing Kazakhstan, win first NYC Rugby Cup Middle School and Elementary School Championship Titles…

Hersey’s STRIVE award program

February 28, 2008
Play Rugby Executive Recognized as Youth Sports Leader in national awards program…

National Council of Youth

Mark Griffin being congratulated as Hersey’s STRIVE award’s National Youth Sport’s Administrator of the year…….

December 1, 2007