Manhattan RFC Season Wrap-up

The Manhattan RFC Fall 2017 campaign is best described as a season of perseverance. A combination of competing fall sports, cold weather, and a tough away schedule could well have ended the season before it got off the ground; however, as always, the competitors of MRFC chose to Go Forward and rose to the occasion.


The U-12 program, spearheaded by Coach Aristotle and bolstered by the support of Coach Nate Augspurger and Coach Kristen Siano, saw an influx of enthusiastic new players who became dramatically more confident and skillful as the season progressed. It took a few weeks for everyone to get their bearings and get back into a rugby mindset, but once things began to click, the level of play climbed week by week. The initial goals of the season were soon surpassed, and by the end, the coaches were impressed by consistent tackles, surgical attacking lines, and most of all by the improved communication on both attack and defense.


The U-14 program, with help from Coach Tom Heaney and Coach Harry Britt, was initially disappointed by lack of numbers at training and matches, but once again the coaches were amazed at the commitment and dedication of a core group of athletes who showed up Switched On week in and week out. Faced with low numbers and limited options at training, the U-14 players were a testament to themselves and to the program by using their time and their experience to work with the U-12 athletes on passing, alignment, and communication on both sides of the breakdown. Their efforts were vital to the U-12 side, and the coaches are hoping that they will bring those strong leadership qualities to the U-14 spring season, where we hope to see many more faces in a Manhattan jersey.


A special thank you as always to the parents who trekked to and from cold, rainy rugby pitches all over the tri-state area, the coaches could never do what we do without your support and patience. Enjoy the holidays and get ready for another exciting spring season in a few months! We look forward to seeing you all there.

Check out some of the photos of some of our students in action!

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