workLAWe are always looking for passionate people to bring onto our team and help us to create a Better World Through Rugby!

Our Youth Development Mentors form the backbone of our program and deliver our curriculum on a weekly basis at schools, parks, and community centers across the city. YDM candidates must be able to commit to a site for an entire season (usually 10 weeks). Sites generally run once or twice a week between 3 and 6 pm.


YDM Candidates have to go through a comprehensive training program developed by Coach Development Director Dom Wareing. Before our YDMs even co-coach at a site, the program covers child safety and health courses, concussion identification and awareness, the USA rugby level 100 course, and certification to be a Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach. YDMs also receive proprietary training on our athlete centered game sense curriculum and experience 30 hours of on the job training where they work with senior staff members to learn hands on how to deliver the curriculum and run a program site.

If you are interested in becoming a YDM, read below on how to begin the process.

The Mentor & Volunteer Selection Process

As a youth-serving organization, Play Rugby USA considers the safety and well being of the youth in our programs a top priority. We strive to put safety first with our programming and policies. Our organization prohibits bullying, discrimination, abuse, or other violence and we strive to proactively address reports of this type of conduct, even if it means that someone will be embarrassed or upset. We want to hear about problems or concerns and will strive to act on them in a fair, balanced way in accordance with our policies. Play Rugby USA has a commitment to recruiting and hiring the highest quality volunteers, YDMs, and staff. To achieve this, we require the following from prospective volunteers.

1. Please download, read and sign our Child Protection Policy. Please click here to download.

2. Written Application – Every mentor and volunteer wanting to work with youth athletes in our program is required to complete a written application that will set forth appropriate background information, require disclosure of any prior claims or allegations of sexual abuse or other inappropriate conduct, and provide the names of at least two individuals (not just family or friends) as references to the good character of the mentor or volunteer. This application must be completed each year, even if the mentor is returning from the previous year/season.

3. Personal Interview – A designated representative from Play Rugby will interview each prospective mentor/volunteer. This screening process will include specific questions regarding the existence of any prior claims of inappropriate behavior with respect to youth or youth athletes.

4. Reference Check – A designated representative will contact the mentor/ volunteer’s references to help verify previous volunteer and work experience and give insight into the mentor/ volunteer’s character.

5. Background Check – All potential mentors/ volunteers may be subject to a background check with the National Centre of Safety Initiatives. The background check will include appropriate inquiries regarding any previous record of sexual abuse or other unlawful activity by the potential mentor. For current mentors/volunteers, this background check will be updated at least every five (5) years.

6. Final Decision – All of the organization’s decisions regarding a mentor/volunteer’s participation shall be made on a non-discriminatory basis and without regard to race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and/or national origin. Play Rugby USA shall have the right to deny the participation of any individual, who refuses to fill out the volunteer application form completely, lies or knowingly misrepresents information on the application form, or violates the principles of these child protection policies. Play Rugby USA shall have the right to terminate any coach or volunteer who falsifies information or is found guilty of child abuse, neglect, or other crimes.

7. Training (For program volunteers only) – All mentors/ volunteers will be trained in child and mentor/ volunteer protection as well as Play Rugby curriculum as appropriate. Mentors/ volunteers shall be subject to ongoing evaluation. Additional training may be required to maintain in good standing with Play Rugby.

Once you have completed the written application, photo consent, and signed the child protection policy please send it to

Dallen Stanford or mail to: Dallen Stanford, 2015 21st Street, Apt. A, Santa Monica, CA 90404 and our staff will be in touch.