We are proud to partner with the Monmouth RFC and Village Lions RFC womens teams to present a day celebrating Women in Rugby!

The day will begin with a basic rugby skills clinic and nutrition and fitness workshops designed for all ages, followed by a non-contact flag rugby scrimmage for all participants. An exhibition match between the Monmouth and Lions women will conclude the day. The event is being championed by the senior women’s clubs to promote senior women’s rugby and encourage young athletes to continue involvement in the rugby community beyond high school and college graduation.

Please join us on April 26th for non-contact games and activities showcasing rugby at all levels and celebrating what makes women’s rugby special!

    • What: Women in Rugby Day
    • Who: Female rugby players of all ages and skill levels
    • When: April 26th, 2pm – 6pm
    • Where: Randall’s Island, Field 75
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With over 2.3 million players worldwide, Rugby is well on its way to becoming a truly global sport. But its popularity and growth among women remains limited, outside of the the United States, that is! Of the 450K registered players in the USA, over 25% are women – more than any other rugby playing country in the world – and currently the USA Women’s Eagles are ranked no. 5 in the world (men rank no. 18).

Women’s Rugby is notable amongst other sports because it upholds the same rules and regulations to the game played by men. We have utilized rugby in our comprehensive youth development and sports education after-school program because of its unique ability to give kids opportunities to be a leader, to be a vital part of a team, and to learn to embrace challenges and make positive choices in their lives. Rugby provides the same youth development benefits to young women, but can especially provide a sense of empowerment and equality to young women because females play by the same rules, on the same size pitch, and with the same equipment as their male counterparts.

We have played a large part in the growing popularity of the sport among young women in NYC, with over 1,500 girls playing both flag and tackle rugby in our programs alone. We were also vital in completing the player pathway for girls in NYC through the establishment of the Junior Academy last summer. The Junior Academy introduces tackle rugby to young women and men aged 12-16, increasing the otherwise few options to continue playing rugby beyond middle school. Many of these players will be attending the event.

For more information on the event, please contact Kristen at [email protected].

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