Last year at the AIG NYC Rugby Cup we introduced Green Cards for the first time. Referees and volunteers were on the look out to award them to players showing exceptional sportsmanship during a match or on the sidelines. A player must go above and beyond the minimum standard of fair play, discipline and sportsmanship in order to receive a green card. Just as yellow and red cards are a deterrent for bad behavior, green cards are used to reinforce positive play!

  • We hope to see even more green cards this year, and to continue to build a positive culture around our tournaments we’re introducing a new protocol for selecting recipient of the Go Forward Award, formerly the Frank Garcia “Spirit of Rugby” Award. Rather than selecting a Most Valuable Player based on athletic ability, we’re looking for players who exemplify the values of rugby and positive sportsmanship.

  • Green Card

GriffBefore every game on Saturday coaches from each team are asked to pay close attention in the game to identify a player on the opposite team that goes above and beyond to uphold and embrace values such as sportsmanship, discipline, fair play, determination and camaraderie. They then write the name of the student on the Go Forward nomination form and return it at the end of the game. The nominations will be tallied throughout the day and the student who receives the most nominations will be presented with the Go Forward Award during the Awards Ceremony along with the trophy winners, and asked what “Go Forward” means to them.

We’re excited to debut the new Go Forward Award at this weekend’s AIG NYC Rugby Cup, and we hope you’ll join us for this incredible day!



9:15am – Welcome!

10:00am – Game Kick Off

12:00pm – Playoff Games Begin

3:00pm – Awards Ceremony

Randall’s Island, Wards Meadow Fields 70-75

*parking available nearby

Public Transit Information

Take the 4,5,6 train to 125th St. and Lexington Ave;

Transfer to the M35 bus towards Randall’s Island;

Exit at Charles Gay Center.

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