Last October we launched the first ever High School Flag Rugby league in NYC! Eight boys teams and four girls teams competed in the 3 month season and played for the championship over three Sunday tournaments. This is one more step towards filling in the pathway for our participants, opening up as many playing opportunities for them as we can in order to keep them engaged in a positive community. Now a child can begin playing flag rugby in elementary school and continue playing through middle and high school!

The High School league was a smashing success and left our players pleading for MORE – more games, more teams, more competition! Here are 3 incredible outcomes we achieved with this new program.

Leveling the Playing Field

Did you know the majority of the programs we manage are non-contact, flag rugby? This version gives the freedom to endlessly adapt the game to any situation our coaches and participants might face. Flag rugby is the perfect activity for urban settings where a grassy pitch can be hard to come by – just strap on your flags and hit the blacktop!

Rugby is also one of the most inclusive sports for young people. Relatively unknown in the US, it allows participation by players who may be excluded from traditional American sports like basketball or football. In fact, 46% of players from our first ever High School flag league do not play another organized sport – flag rugby is their only opportunity to get active and be a part of a team.

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A great outcome of expanding our flag rugby programming to High School age players is opening the sport up to brand new players! 37% of participants in the league were first time rugby players and 9 out of 10 want to play again! Flag rugby is a fun game all on its own, but it also lays a strong foundational framework for players interested in moving on to full contact, tackle rugby. Players get familiar with general open play and strategy and are introduced to set piece including scrums and line outs. 87% of participants agree that flag rugby will help them become a better overall rugby player.

Nurturing Positive Development

Our mission is Developing Youth Through Rugby. Our programs use an intentionally designed rugby curriculum to cultivate a positive community where young people are empowered to develop positive life skills that support their long term success. Here’s what our High School players have to say:

“I like being able to work with my team to get better”

“Flag Rugby is AWESOME”

99% feel a responsibility to practice good habits for team culture
98% feel confident when playing rugby
94% consider their teammates friends & people they can trust

Our students have achieved impressive outcomes both on and off the field, but we’re most proud of their commitment to developing positive traits! To bring our transformative program to your school contact our Program Director here!

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