Thanks to the generous support of AIG, we were able to hold our fourth NYC tournament at The Harlem Armory on Sunday March 23rd. Elementary students from 4 schools played on 6 different teams for a large crowd of family, friends, and supporters who cheered enthusiastically throughout the tournament for all the young players.

The theme of the tournament was the Play Rugby USA value of “Go Forward” which we define as, “Every play, game, and tournament I will put in the effort and hard work to be better for me and my team.” Each team submitted written responses describing what “Go Forward” means to them both on the pitch and in life and school. PS 75 won the Canterbury of New Zealand Go Forward Award for their response:

“1. Learning from your mistakes and never giving up.

2. It feels better to fix your mistakes and always get better.

3. Our team makes our goals by never giving up, using a growth mindset to learn from our mistakes!”

PS 175 also won the Canterbury of New Zealand Go Forward Award for their amazing display of resilience and dedication to Going Forward during the tournament.

  • Results of the AIG Winter Elementary Tournament

    • Cup Trophy- BGR
    • Plate Trophy- 175
    • Bowl Trophy-PS208 Red Team
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We would also like to recognize Youth Development Mentor Taye Daniel. Taye competed with Old Blue RFC in Atlanta the previous day and showed great dedication to his work with the kids by flying back immediately to provide outstanding leadership and encouragement to his 175 team. We would like to thank Taye (pictured below) for fully embodying the Go Forward theme of the tournament and being an exemplary example of the value in action!




Thank you to all our players, families, staff, and program partners for making this event a great success, and an extra special thank you to AIG for the support that made this event possible!

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