Community Agreements: What, where, why and who?

What is a Community Agreement and why is it one of the first things Play Rugby USA does in all of our programs at the start of the school year?  

The Community Agreement is a set of guidelines that the entire group must agree upon. It helps set expectations of behavior and gives the students goals to work towards. Our Youth Development Mentors (YDMs) help their students form the document, but essentially the students make their own rules. Each student has to sign the final document.

Rules for the class, by the class. Allowing the students to create their own rules helps teach them accountability and responsibility and allows them to establish their own unique team culture. Feeling that their rules mean something to their YDM and their classmates helps everyone hold themselves and each other to a higher standard.

Obeying and keeping the Community Agreement in play throughout the year helps create a real sense of ownership. You made the rules, don’t break them. This teaches some incredible social skills, such as teamwork and accountability, which are important both on and off of the rugby pitch!

Every Community Agreement is unique, which is one of the reasons they’re so awesome! Take a look at some of the Community Agreements we have received back from our schools.  Each school has their signed copy for the students to see.

Below are some of our favorite Community Agreements!


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