This past weekend, we held another 3 tournaments as part of our Winter CHAMPS season. The theme of the weekend was our value of “Try Makers Not Just Try Scorers” which we define as “We before me. I will always play my hardest and I do it for the good of the team, rather than my own personal statistics. I help my teammates, opponents, coaches, supporters, and everyone here today, create a positive experience, we can all be proud of.” Each team in the tournaments were asked to discuss what it meant to be a try maker and not just a try scorer and what does it look and feel like?

To start the weekend, on Saturday, March 15th 60 female players from 4 teams convened on Pier 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park for our third CHAMPS Tournament of the winter season. After a rousing day of competition under a beautiful blue sky the results were:

  • Bowl trophy- IS-392A from Brooklyn
  • Plate trophy- MS-282 from Brooklyn
  • Cup trophy- IS-392B from Brooklyn

On Sunday, March 16th 12 teams came to Taft High School in The Bronx for our fourth and fifth CHAMPS Tournaments of the winter season.

284 from Queens won the Canterbury of New Zealand Value Award for their answer: “We work together as a team. We are new to the game and we are learning from one another and from the other teams. We are having fun and getting experience to become a better team. We may make mistakes, but we are learning as we go and hope to be even better prepared for the next tournament.”

185 from Queens won the Presented with the Canterbury of New Zealand Value Award from the PM tournament for their answer: “To be a try maker, we have to set up the opportunities for our teammates to be scorers. Not only one person is a hero, we are help to each other. We communicate with one another and don’t bring each other down. We try our best and are supportive and we pass the ball to teammates so they can score. It feels good to be a try maker because our entire team has a positive attitude, and we are supporting and helping each other succeed. We are full of try makers because we are helping each other and we are supporting the entire team. Everyone is positive and dedicated and passionate!”

  • The results of the AM tournament were:

    • Cup trophy-282A
    • Plate trophy-284A

    The results of the PM Tournament were:

    • Cup trophy-345
    • Plate trophy-014A
    • Bowl trophy- 014B & 350
  • A player from MS282 in Brooklyn runs for the try.

    A player from MS282 in Brooklyn runs for the try.

Thank you to all the coaches, players, families, and staff that attended and made these tournaments such great events!

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