The 2016 Winter flag rugby season is officially in full swing, and this weekend’s #SwitchOn tournaments had a fantastic showing from our middle school CHAMPS programs. Both Co-Ed and All Girls teams competed, and over 30 matches of flag rugby were played in a matter of 6 hours! The skills and technique of teams continue to improve each year, but we were especially impressed with the positivity and enthusiasm from players, coaches and their super fans on the sidelines.

And to ensure students are focused on winning both on and off the pitch we are continuing the tradition of the Values in Action essay contest, where teams write an essay describing how they incorporate rugby values into their lives. This weekend’s winners wrote fantastic essays about what “Switch On” means to them.

A big thank you to CHAMPS and the Department of Education for supporting these events. The action continues this weekend – watch this space for updates!

Morning Tournament Winners

Switch On Team Award – MS 289 Q

“Over the past two years rugby has been our life. We started out a little rocky, but we continue to strive for greatness. Our first Flag Rugby game was at Franklin K Lane High School. We competed with teams from all over Queens. although we lost, we still continued to Switch On. Consistency is key. Without Rugby I don’t know where we will be today. From hardships to achievements the QUMSLions still manage to strive for greatness. I would like to thank m y coach and all the CHAMPS coaches, administrators, and directors for giving us this opportunity. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

IMG_6564Go Forward Award (Co-Ed) – Jose from MS 259 K

Go Forward Award (Girls) – Kayla from MS 289 Q

Co-Ed Cup Winner – MS 279 X

Co-Ed Cup Runners-Up – MS 289 Q

Co-Ed Plate Winner – JHS 185 Q

Co-Ed Plate Runners-Up – MS 88 K

All Girls Cup Winner – MS 223 K

All Girls Cup Runners-Up – MS 289 Q

All Girls Plate Winner – MS 279 X

All Girls Plate Runners-Up – JHS 185 Q

Afternoon Tournament Winners

Switch On Team Award – MS 362 M (Columbia Secondary)

Go Forward Award (Co-Ed) – Dimitri from MS 282 K and Jayquan from MS 678 K

Go Forward Award (Girls) – Sunshine from MS 362 M

Co-Ed Cup Winner – MS 392 K

Co-Ed Cup Runners-Up – MS 223 K

Co-Ed Plate Winner – MS 362 M (Columbia Secondary)

Co-Ed Plate Runners-Up – MS 678 K

All Girls Cup Winner – MS 279 X

All Girls Cup Runners-Up – MS 362 M (Columbia Secondary)

All Girls Plate Winner – MS 282 K

All Girls Plate Runners-Up – MS 392 K

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