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Rugby is a global sport played in over 100 countries covering six continents. We were excited to offer the opportunity to experience rugby in another country to a group of our Junior Academy girls this weekend! Academy Manager Brian Wolf reports on their trip to Bermuda and describes some of the unique experiences our girls had below! A big Thank You to Beyond Rugby Bermuda for their hospitality and to AIG for their support of our Academy programs throughout the year!

We were also featured in this article in the Royal Gazette!

Day One: We have arrived in Bermuda!

The flight went smoothly. When we arrived, Patrick and Kelly, our hosts from Beyond Rugby Bermuda were waiting for us. We got onto a bus and took a drive across the island from the airport to Cedarbridge Academy where we are staying. We went to the beach this afternoon which was beautiful. The sand was perfect and the water was clear and a nice temperature. There was a grill at the beach and one of the Bermuda rugby girls came to hang out with us. We’ll see her and her teammates again tomorrow. As you can imagine, everyone is in very good spirits! We have a big day ahead of us including rugby at the national stadium, time at a pool, and an awards dinner in the evening.


Day Two: Rugby Round Robin

We had a long and busy day today! We had breakfast at the school and then went straight to the rugby stadium where the girls participated in a rugby clinic run by three international coaches: Matt Trouville from Australia, William Rasileka from Fiji, and Ben Gollings, the man who has scored more points in 7s rugby than any other player in history! After the rugby clinic, the girls swam at the Bermuda national swim center and ate lunch at the stadium before our rugby competition.

The Bermuda girls team only had 5 players, therefore we played only one game “New York vs Bermuda”, then divided all of the girls into three teams with the New York and Bermuda girls mixed together on each of the teams, and played a round robin. This was the first time the Bermuda girls team had ever played an actual game; though they have been practicing for a while, they don’t have anyone else to play in their country.

The competition did not end after the rugby, however. The teams competed in a trivia quiz competition, a dance competition, and a create-your-team-cheer competition. At dinner the Bermuda coach presented our girls with a Bermuda flag and we in turn gave the Bermuda girls Play Rugby USA t-shirts. When dinner ended, we hung out in the outdoor courtyard as the sun set with the other teams who played that day, including Bermuda girls and boys and a boys team from Pelham, New York.

The girls are in their rooms and going to sleep now. Tomorrow, we are going to the part of the island where cruise ships come in. We will be spending most of the day there, as they say there’s a lot to do.

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Day Three: Our last night in Bermuda

Today included ferry rides, dolphins, beach, Bermudian history, and shopping. Everyone spent much of the afternoon at the beach, where a couple girls took a paddle boat, a band was playing pop songs, and we played beach volleyball.

Following yesterday, when we were on a very strict schedule and all the girls had to stay together, they moved freely in small groups to explore the different venues and were responsible to meet at designated locations at a couple key times. They took lunch on their own and also found some candies that aren’t on the shelves in America.

This trip has been a really special chance to interact with girls from a different country who also play rugby. Just as it has been a great experience for our girls, the Bermuda girls were completely thrilled to meet and play rugby with us. Play Rugby USA hopes we might see them again in the future, maybe next year in New York?!

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