We are very excited and proud to announce a brand new Board of Directors and Committee Members that began working with our organization in January. They have already inspired us with their enthusiasm and work ethic, and we are positive that together we will achieve great things in 2014!

Play Rugby USA announces it’s new 1st XV – the Best Board Ever!
Our Best Board Ever has 15 members – now branded our 1st XV, including our Founder Mark Griffin. They have already split into 4 primary Operating Committees that have had a tangible impact on our day to day efforts in the office:

  • Fund Development Committee (with three task forces):
    • Clubs & Campaigns
    • Events
    • Partnerships
  • Finance
  • Audit
  • Leadership Development

For the remainder of 2014 the Board benefit from the expertise of Youth Inc– a non profit consulting firm who have approved Play Rugby USA as a Board Advancement Program partner. Youth Inc’s support will include consultancy services around best practices in board structure, operations, governance and implementation; plus educational workshops and networking events throughout the year for relevant Play Rugby USA Board Members.

In addition to kicking off the Youth Inc partnerships, the biggest effort out of the gate has been to create events that will allow us to develop relationships with more potential supporters and volunteers. You can already see the outcomes of this, as our “Breakfast of Champions” and “Hedge Fund Support a Sporting Chance” events have been spearheaded by Will Looker and Jack Springate, respectively. These two have created a group of 9 events in February and March that will help us to support the growth of our program. To learn more about the Breakfast of Champions, click here. To learn more about the Hedge Fund events, click here.

PRUSA’s 1st XV

  • Mark Griffin – Interim Chairman (supporting all Operating Committees)
  • Scott Adams – Vice Chair (Co-Chair Fund Development Committee)
  • Greg Sigrist – Treasurer (Chair, Finance Committee)
  • Matt Bouchard – Secretary (Audit Committee)
  • Chris Venn – Fund Development
  • Olivia Lee – Fund Development
  • Jennifer Kelly – Fund Development
  • Jack Springate – Fund Development
  • Gareth Jones – Fund Development, Audit
  • BJ Weber – Fund Development, Chair, Leadership Development
  • Craig Levine – Fund Development
  • Michael Harrison – Co-Chair Fund Development, Finance
  • Andrew Britt – Fund Development, Finance
  • Will Looker – Fund Development, Finance
  • Toby Butterfield – Audit, Leadership Development, Legal Advisor to Exec Committee

We have also welcomed three new non-board members to our Operating Committees, Kieran Holohan, Erin Sullivan, and Seb Ridd. They will be joining other external advisors, such as Dr. Greg DiFelice and Dr. Marc Kowalsky (Medical Advisors) and will be helping with our event and donor outreach. Kieran Holohan will be focused specifically on donor engagement, Erin Sullivan will be helping with donor and grant outreach, and Seb Ridd supporting our broader Fund Development Committee efforts.

Mark Griffin, Founder, CEO, and Interim Chairman of Play Rugby USA stated: “It has taken a long time to pull together such a talented and passionate group of leaders for Play Rugby USA. We set the expectations very high during the recruitment process and I am incredibly excited about future possibilities with this fantastic team. I would also like to thank Youth, Inc for approving us a Board Advancement Program partner which is helping us maximize the board’s impact.”

Keep an eye out for new initiatives throughout the year fueled by these individuals. If the first two months of 2014 is any indication, they will be helping lead us to new heights by this time next year!


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