On May 14th, Play Rugby USA had 12 teams of elementary and middle school participants representing schools from all over the Bay Area. We had schools from Oakland, Redwood City, Richmond, San Leandro, and San Francisco in attendance. By all accounts this was the largest San Francisco Rugby Cup in our 4 years of putting on the event!

Click HERE to view the tournament photos!

We would like to thank all of our supporters who make our programming and the rugby cup possible with all of their support to our Bay Area Programming.

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This Spring we were able to provide direct rugby programming to 10 different schools through 6 different program partners, with 5 YDMs.

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We provided training rugby coaching training to physical education specialists for 72 elementary schools in San Francisco. A huge thank you to all of our program partners who supported and attend our 2016 Rugby Cup!

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Rugby is not only growing with our Bay Area programming, but also throughout the entire nation. This year marks the inaugural season of PRO Rugby North America. We were lucky to have the entire Pro Rugby San Francisco Team come out and act as super fans for all of our youth teams.


We also had the support of SportUp, which is a robust mobile and online team management tool designed to help teams and groups organize, communicate, and develop their programs by empowering them to analyze and interpret data. They came out to write an article about our growth as well as take some pictures – click here!

The day wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic staff and volunteers a special thanks to…

Ben Slaughter

Ariel Diaz

Stuart Bagshaw

Mark Griffin

Hilary Gandhi

Tony Pound

Tim Satterthwaite

Sydney Provan

Oliver Corrigan

Tristan Chabas

Garret Clarkson

Aly Moussad

Chris Kaegi

Jack Maxwell

Ryan Lutz

Kris Caren

Thomas Simart

Brandon Taylor

Archie Japaridze

Avery Kidwell

Maria Farley

Sheridan Gho

Riley Scherer

Kelly Scherer

Gordon Preston

The tournament was run in a round robin fashion with 6 teams in the elementary school bracket and 6 teams in the middle school bracket. Each team received a set of jerseys that represented an Olympic country because Rugby is now back in the Olympics!!

Plate Champions in the Elementary Bracket were, Sunnyside/John Muir representing Australia, Elementary Combined team.

Plate Champions: Sunnyside /John Muir


We had a clean sweep in the cup bracket of the Elementary Division, East Bay Rugby Academy’s two elementary teams representing Vanuatu and South Africa respectively played for the Cup, with South Africa edging out their clubmates!

Cup Runner Up: East Bay Rugby Academy


Cup Champion Elementary: East Bay Rugby Academy


Our Middle School Division had a first time competitor take home the Plate Championship, Downtown Charter Academy, representing Fiji!

Middle School Plate Champs: Downtown Charter Academy


The Middle School Cup Championship was between a returning champion in Richmond Charter Academy (with some players from Lawton Middle School), representing Tonga, and a first time participant Redwood City Police Athletic League, representing Samoa. Although Redwood City Police Athletic League had an amazing tournament run as a brand new team to rugby, Richmond Charter Academy was able to grind out the win for the Cup Championship.

Middle School Cup Runner Up: Redwood City Police Athletic League


Middle School Cup Champions: Richmond Charter Academy


A massive congratulations to all of our teams that were able to earn a trophy on the day. We also were able to award a select number of students with perhaps the most prestigious individual award of a green card. Participants earned green cards through outstanding sportsmanship as well as showcasing the positive values of rugby either during games or in between games on the day.


A massive thanks to all of the teams, program staff, volunteers and parents that came out on the day. You all contributed to an amazing rugby atmosphere that created a fantastic memory for our students.


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